Last Week’s News 09-05-2011

Ever wonder what’s out there? – io9 has a great article about theories on what’s out there, beyond the known universe.


City of Tomorrow Today – This is the sort of stuff that needs to start happening in Jo’burg. And probably already has. I’m just not cool enough to know about it.


Cell phones in Africa – Take a quick gander at Afrographique’s latest update, looking at the penetration of mobile devices in Africa by brand. No guesses who comes out on top.


Farmville for real, guys – I’ve been saying for ages that the farms in Farmville are probably all real, and that people who spend endless hours playing the game are actually directing the actions of real workers in some poor Chinese rice paddy. Now someone’s gone and made that a reality. Except it’s not evil this time.


Knowing one’s partner is the key to making a relationship work – Apparently, this is news to some people. Still, there’s an interesting online evaluation you can take to see just how good you are at this sort of stuff. This is the kind of thing I do now. And then I publicize that I do on the internet. God help me.


10 Brilliant Startups that failed because they were ahead of their time – Go. Read.


Duck family tree – Ever wondered what Donald Duck’s family tree looks like? No? Me neither. But it does explain where Huey, Duey & Louis come from (sort of). And how Uncle Scrooge is related!


Don’t forget the Barbarian – There was a fair amount of hype around the new Green Lantern trailer released this week, but folks are still nervous that it might turn out to be taking itself too seriously. Here’s another genre movie that probably isn’t: Conan the Barbarian. Conan smacks a horse in the face with a giant chain. You have to see this movie now!


Twitter to Follow – This one’s purely for Doctor Who fans (and guys like me, who get the jokes regardless): @HipsterDalek, guys.


Song to Listen – Cage The Elephant – Shake Me Down (via @TheJameSA)


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