A better Green Lantern trailer

Alright, kids. Thor was good, but let’s put it behind us now (US cinemas only get it today!!) and focus on another great superhero comic. I dig Thor, yeah, because it’s escapist high fantasy science fiction mythological fun. Green Lantern is that, and the main character is pretty much designed to be the ultimate boyhood escape fantasy. Hal Jordan is a ladies’ man test pilot space cowboy who never has a plan but always seems to come out on top. He’s basically Star Wars’ Han Solo with a ring that turns his thoughts into reality. Can you dig it?

The first trailer for the Green Lantern movie due out next month made it seem like just another Ryan Reynolds action comedy thing, except with more CG to point out how big this guy’s head is (seriously, I know he’s good looking, but his actual head is massive!!). This latest trailer finally brings us more GL action, a darker edge to the story, some more plot details for the uninitiated and the famous oath at the end that the Green Lantern of the comics recites as often as he can. It’s trying hard to look epic, so let’s hope it pulls that off.

The movie’s directed by Martin Campbell, who directed the version of Casino Royale that didn’t have Peter Sellers in it (and also features a star with a massive head!). It stars Ryan Reynolds, Mark Strong (Sherlock Holmes, Kick-Ass) and some other people you’ll likely recognize in the above trailer (Tim Robbins, everybody!). The movie still doesn’t look like the greatest bit of superhero cinema in ages, and trailers aren’t always to be trusted, but I’m willing to give it a chance now more than before. Seems Warner Bros held off on this particular trailer till after Thor was out. I reckon they’re banking on people being so happy with Thor, and so excited for Captain America, that they can slot this one neatly into June and just absolutely coin it. Good luck to them.

Not gonna lie, though. Captain America still looks better.

EDIT – Okay. My blog’s layout is providing hassles with the embedded trailers, so you can go check them out here (for Green Lantern) and here (for Captain America).


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