Last Week’s News 16-05-2011

Intelligence sucks – Cracked has an article showing us the 5 Unexpected Downsides of High Intelligence. God, it’s sad.


South African Politics for the lulz – I wanted to do a political roundup guide for South Africa before this week’s municipal elections, but I’m not sure I can do a better job than this.


Here’s a shit-ton of unnecessary Batman-related news.

Rise of the Batmen – How many idiots can dress up like Batman in one week? Apparently at least two: this guy who got into a fight on the Vegas strip and this weirdo.

Batman in Africa – More Batman news. This DC Comics introduced Bat-Wing, the Batman of (Northern) Africa in the best comic they produce: Batman Incorporated.

Bat…dinosaurs? – Bat-Wing’s creator, Grant Morrison, is set to script comic and film versions of Men In Black director Barry Sonnenfeld’s Dominion: Dinosaurs vs Aliens (not making that up).


Walt Disney, Capitalist Creative – Oh, Disney.


Rise of the Machines – Check out this awesome archive gallery on the history/rise of personal computers on PopSci.


Bolton’s Back – Michael Bolton attempts pop cultural relevance by teaming up with Lonely Island to do a song called Jack Sparrow. It’s funny. I swear.


Lady Gaga by Jim Lee

Lady Gaga redesigns – I love Comics Alliance way too much. But still, these Lady Gaga costume redesigns by comic artists are great.


Twitter helping Doctors – Picture the little twitterbird helping out doctors in earthquake-ravaged Japan. Now read this article.


Twitter to Follow – She lives in New York and she live-tweets from Cannes. I hate her, but Goddammit do I respect her: @NadiaNeophytou


Song to Listen – Gang Gang Dance – First Communion [via @Lovejadeheart]


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