More Bad Art 10/05/2011

Last night I had a raging buzz that could not be stopped. I went to bed at around 1AM, but couldn’t get my mind to shut off till 5AM. In the time between, I wrote an entry that’ll show up on this blog sometime soon, and then I did some random drawings.

This is a rough of a character I created for a web comic I’ve been meaning to do for the last 3 years. I’ve pitched it to many artists, but no one ever wants to jump on board or they get too busy to keep up (to be fair, they have the harder job). Part of the reason I keep considering learning to draw, and learning to draw sequentially, is that I want to execute that web comic some day.

I don’t know who this fellow is, or where he cropped up from in my subconscious. I think every now and then I just tend to scribble out these sorts of generic “cool” people with atypical haircuts, sunglasses and gear. The real experiment here was that I wanted to mess with perspective a bit to learn something. I’m not sure it quite worked, but at least I’m trying to branch out. Soon you might even get some characters in motion.

Top left is another character from the web comic. That’s a really simple drawing that conveys zero personality, although he is supposed to be the ‘zen’ character. The next two at the top right are just rough experiments with making the face of the character from the first drawing emote a bit. You tell me how successful I am in the comments below. Bottom left is another guy from the web comic, although he looks more androgynous than usual here. In actual fact, I think that sketch started out as a drawing of a girl’s face, but morphed into his much more familiar pouting mug. The last one on the bottom right is the last of the leads from this never-did-happen web comic and he’s just doing something a little different than the others. I like to think there’s some of his personality in that, but really the character was meant to be reserved and a little dopey.

Well, there you go, kids. This is what I do at 4am when I should be catching up on my sheep count. Hope you like. Or even hate. I just want you to feel something!! Please leave your comments below.


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