Last Week’s News 02-05-2011

In case you missed them, here are some links – some new, some old – that I found over the last week or so and thought might be interesting for you to take a look at.

Russel Brand on Newsnight – I’m not the sort of person to immediately leap to the conclusion that this man is on drugs just because he talks and moves with a pace akin to Speedy Gonzalez. Most people I know recognize him from a handful of Hollywood movies, but he’s also a pretty decent stand-up comedian. As someone who’s prone to speaking like this and delving into some, let’s call them grandiose concepts, I’m willing to accept that maybe Russel Brand is a smart guy whose had a lot of coffee before I’ll even consider – like one YouTube commenter already has – that he’s on cocaine. Then again, maybe drugs make you smart now? Fascinating stuff. Eloquent motherfucker or egotistical prat talking with too many big words? U-DECIDE!


Richard Dawkins talks genetic ancestry [via]. So if you don’t like anything about yourself, just blame Eve. I like how the building blocks of humanity essentially just high-fived misogyny.


A web comic – I was linked to Oglaf ages ago by my buddy Sean, but wrote it off because of all the sex jokes (I’m a prude, I know). For the past 3 days, I’ve been encountering links to it all over the place, so I decided to go back and give it another shot. Mostly, I laugh. A lot. It’s NSFW as all fuck, so maybe not best for the office (unless you work in an awesome office!). For the uninitiated, this is a web comic that is basically sex comedy-meets-high fantasy (elves, dwarves, prophecies and beards). Here‘s a link to a totally SFW one.


Superman renounces his US citizenship – Laura Hudson over at comicsalliance wrote about it. The Huffington Post wrote about it. Even I wrote about it. Comic Book Resources has an article that works at clearing up the nature of the situation. It’s brief, interesting and also seems to suggest that the Superman short story in question will have absolutely no bearing on any other Superman comic that comes out in the near future. So what was the point of this story? Is DC backing out already? We’ll have to wait, see and not care either way. For the Right Wing angle, by the way, here’s a completely over-the-top Fox opinion piece.


Personal Psychological Mountains – “You’re smart, but you’re lazy.” This is what a friend told me and this is one of the few times anyone’s punctuated that first statement with the second. So for 23 years I’ve been Spider-Man if Uncle Ben only said “With great power”, then coughed twice and died. Can you imagine Peter Parker wandering through life from then on, wondering if his beloved uncle may’ve been referring to the mountain of electricity bill debt that he’d left his family behind to deal with? Instead of being a responsible superhero, I mean. So I’ve been thinking: why am I so lazy when I could be growing up and finishing off important pet projects, moving on to a career as…something?

And then reddit gives me this handy answer I can cite whenever someone tells me “but you’re lazy”. I’m talking specifically about that top voted post by user Sytadel. It’s good to have character flaws identified for you, because you can work on overcoming them. It’s easier to overcome a hangup or a preference, though, if it isn’t the flawed basis for your self as you know it. That’s not a flaw, baby, it’s a motherfucking mountain!! Wish me luck!


Jesus vs Batman – The bestest comics news site in the whole world, ComicsAlliance, brought this epic war between Jesus’ and Batman’s fans to my attention. I always give first billing to JC because he’s had the bigger fanbase.


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