More Bad Art 18/04/2011

And we’re back!!

It’s only taken…months. To be honest, I’m not gonna try to catch up with where A Drawing A Day should be by now, so instead I’m gonna try something different. More Bad Art is the new category of choice. No deadlines and no schedule I look like a moron for not sticking to (cos this is all about image, kids)! Problem solved!

The concept actually comes from twitter, when I spent the night drawing tweets I’d spotted that sparked random images to mind. To avoid having to do any new work tonight, here are the three original #MoreBadTwitterArt drawings I did. They might be a bit hard to see clearly, cos I did them in pencil and was too lazy to fix any of it after.

Tweet courtesy @TheJameSA

Tweet courtesy @wordsoflizdom

Tweet courtesy @TomRevington (yes, those are crocodiles)

Till next time…


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