A Drawing A Day #8

It’s only been a week and already I’m starting to lose track of the numbering system. I need a PA. I pay in cheap drinks and cigarettes I used to smoke and have had lying in my bag for months. Also, sex!

Someone asked me today why my guy is rocking the giantest pair of goggles ever. Why? I don’t know. Maybe he’s doing his best attempt at being classic Bowie or because seeing his eyes would reveal too much about the origins of that little smirk he’s sporting. Based on the girl’s blank forward stare, I imagine he’s told her something mortifying just before we see them here. It can’t be mortifying to him, but it looks like she may’ve just discovered… something strange. Also, her legs are really weird. You may also notice the vague attempts at rendering a background for this one. Look, I’ve just gotten into adding details like fingernails and park benches, and drawing the female form (weirdly), let’s not get ahead of ourselves, shall we?

I’d originally planned a version of this image, a much more complete and better version of it, for someone’s birthday. Then I realized that a drawing by me doesn’t exactly constitute a gift, so I’ll get them a card or something instead.

Lastly, yesterday was a pretty good day for the blog, guys & gals. Lots of news visitors popped by, so keep coming back and tell your friends, too. In the meantime, I’ll get to work on some actual, you know, writing. I swear I’m better at that than I am at this.


3 thoughts on “A Drawing A Day #8

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