A Drawing A Day #6

The masses demanded 1 panel meta comics, so with 15 minutes to spare before I missed my daily deadline again (I just did, though – it’s past Midnight – BASTARDS!), I put together this little ditty. Knowing the wordpress template I’m using, this baby didn’t fit into the space of a post. Just pretend it did, because I don’t feel like fixing it right now.

[EDIT – Fixed it, because I’m an anal bastard. Thanks, Greg, for pointing out that ImageShack is shit.]


Also, pretend for my sakes that I’m really a skinny kid in giant sunglasses and a turtleneck (I’m some of those things), because nothing says “comics” like an idealized reincarnation of ourselves as weird Andy Warhol-esque “artists”. Hope you liked it, kids. Let me know if you did (or didn’t… dick) in the comments section below.

More Tomorrow…


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