A Drawing A Day #7

It had to happen eventually. I had to try my hand at drawing girls. Sadly, there’s no comic to go along with this one. Originally there was, but I thought that most people wouldn’t get it, and the ones that would might find it morbidly inappropriate. So see, everyone, I do care about your feelings?


I can’t claim she’s a grand success on every level (especially considering that I’m not, you know, an artist), but I like how she came out in the end. There’s a pretty obvious line I’d remove if I could, but I do it all in pen so we all have to just deal with it. I think the hardest thing about doing girls is their faces, because my non-artist brain wants to add loads of detail, but whenever you do that they just come across looking manlier. Not to say this is the most feminine woman ever, but I think it’s pretty obvious she’s a girl even from her face.

Leave your thoughts/suggestions/disses below.


4 thoughts on “A Drawing A Day #7

  1. i likes it sir, although she is unnerving me with her leering eyes. Which line is it you would remove, as it’s not so obvious to me? also what the hell is an f-man?

  2. Valiant effort 😀 I like it, makes me thinks i should probably try my hand at drawing girls once again too.. but only once i’ve finished the drawing I’m in the middle of at the moment!! 😀

  3. @bubba: What’s up with that, Professor F?
    @Greg: Leering? Really? If only you could see what she can see (no, seriously, there’s a guy off-panel who didn’t make it to “print”). And I’d remove the line under her breast. It seems unnecessary and bugs me.
    @kiranmcurpen: Link us when you’re done.

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