A Drawing A Day #3, 4 & 5

Leave it to me to vow to do something, then end up being unable to pull it off only a few days later. To be fair, I’ve still been doing my daily drawings, or finding some slightly older ones that have their place up here. I’ve just been very busy at the same time with other real life things, like interacting with friends. I went to Liz Dom‘s (she assures me it’s her real name) 21st birthday party, for example.

I did this while sitting in Outer Limits comic store, late Saturday, chatting to store jockey, close friend and professional art hobo Greg Nell (pay him money to draw for you). I’m not sure what it is or was meant to be, originally, and I gave up on it after a while because I’d messed up the anatomy enough already. But I’m fairly certain I was secretly channeling images of The Goon.

Eric Powell's The Goon

Greg’s advice is the same advice I always get from artists, to loosen up my hand and actually express myself through it. Sorry, boys and girls, but I’m all about irrational control somewhere deep inside. It’s just that I choose to control things through really alien and stupid means. Greg also told me to draw from real life more. I held the pen in a super-awkward fashion to keep it loose and produced what you can only faintly see here as a cartoon ape-like creature.

Maybe I should’ve gone over this one again for clarity’s sake, yeah? The faint profile of a young man looking really nervous above our ape creature was done afterwards. There was a kid sitting next to me, embodying every reason we all need to never produce offspring, and he asked me to draw him. I’m not sure he actually looks like that, especially not the nervous eyes (this kid was sickeningly confident, actually), but that’s what came of it after a few minutes. He asked for the drawing, but I gave him a link to here instead (leave a comment underneath, Prince Charming).

Yes, yes. Superheroes. Yes. I know.

What can I say? I love comic books. Especially DC comic books. I did this ages ago, actually, but I spotted it and thought it needed to go up here so we could all pick apart my complete lack of an imagination and technical skill together. I love the way Batman came out in this, actually. There’s something really fun about drawing him, pointy ears and permanently serious expression and all that. I wanted to do a very cartoony Martian Manhunter, so that’s the guy with the egghead at the top right. Wonder Woman is crammed in between Superman and Batman because I’m terrified of drawing women and so I needed to hide her if she got too ugly. I think it’s pretty telling that she’s bigger than the boys; I obviously have serious issues. The others on this page, Green Lantern is based on another cartoony rendering I did of the space cop sometime in 2010. If I can find that, I’ll upload it sometime. The guy with the weird paint-for-hair is Aquaman, but there’s nothing visually distinct about that bastard when you can’t see his eternally missing hand. The Flash looks terrible, but that’s because I went and overdid it. Seriously. He looks like Sally Fields in a Flash costume.

And then there’s Jimmy Olsen. My friend Devon is an immense fan of Monsieur Olsen, and why not? He’s Superman’s Best Pal, a sort of sci-fi Tin Tin of the ultimate American artform. The coolest ginger in the universe.

Time to take up a new hobby? Maybe.

Anyway, that’s it for tonight, folks. We’re already a half hour into Valentine’s Day, so I hope you’re all taking the alien princess of your dreams somewhere nice. Or, if you’re a straight girl, I hope you don’t resent being referred to as an alien princess. Go make love. Use birth control.


6 thoughts on “A Drawing A Day #3, 4 & 5

  1. I resent being referred to as an alien princess… 🙂

    Such nice work getting pics up, and nice work in itself. Now, when are we going to see some of YOUR characters, please? And narrative snippets?

  2. JIMMY OLSEN!!! looking good man! now for some comics man!!!!!! – one page meta-concepts!!!!

  3. Ha don’t worry so much about the not getting things done on time, at least they are done 😀 you caught up! I’m glad I will admit i was worried you were gonna fall of the wagon completely! keep it upm it’ll be worth it in the end and plus you do have people following you!

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