X-Men First Class movie trailer is out

Hey, remember those X-Men movies that kicked off this whole crazy superhero/comic book movie fetish that Hollywood seems to have? [Seriously, all I write about these days is comics. And I haven’t even read a new one in ages!] Well, they’re making another one. Here’s the trailer:
Apparently this one’s going to be dealing with the origin of the X-Men, so it’s set in the Swingin’ Sixties. As with most comic book trailers, we learn very little about the actual plot here, and that’s always a slippery slope for moviegoers. On one hand you don’t want the trailer to give away every detail of the story before you’ve paid to see it. On the other, having very little to go on story-wise means you’re basically being told to pay to see something just because you’ve seen other movies that may be similar to it. I guess that’s just the rule with sequels. All that said, I think the movie looks pretty sweet. But I’m easy to please.
Not so for The Fanmen.
The Fanmen are the collective of awesome geeks I hang out with from time to time. They’re great guys with a variety of tastes between them, and each of them is a huge geek.  They also hate everything. From now on, when I post about geek-related news, I’ll also supply a few of their choice words to give you an idea of how ‘the other half’ lives. They’re going to hate me for this, so I’ll put them all under less-whiny aliases.
Hank: “There do seem to be quite a few inconsistencies. It does bother me that they have 50 years worth of great stories to draw from yet they choose to tell a completely different story… I just don’t understand that approach at all. I mean, you wouldn’t take a Dickens novel and completely “reimagine” it – the story at its heart would have to remain the same for it to remain Dickens. It’s a completely foreign concept to me.”

Clint: “You do not wanna get me started on the horseshit x-men movie franchise, and how they dont really care about the source material. Even [X-Men and X2 director, and producer of First Class] Bryan Singer said he’s never even looked at the comics when he made the movie… I dunno why they’d even get someone who hasnt a clue about the character to make the movie… Man it’s at least another five years or summin before Marvel gets the rights back to make x-men movies. Those are the x-men movies I wanna see.”
Clint’s right. Marvel doesn’t own the rights to make X-Men movies. They sold those rights to Fox, who can keep making as much mutant porn as they like, so long as they produce an X-Men spin-off/sequel/prequel every few years.
Bubba: “…If one wants to make a movie set in the 60s at least get the friggin hairstyles right. And the language. And the clothes. Or at the very least watch a few episodes of Mad Men to steal ideas dammit.”
Maybe it’s just because I love the old British Avengers TV show, but this sort of idealized sci-fi 60s is exactly the kind of take I want to see for a movie about people with wings and blue fur saving people in their homemade jet.
Bruce: “Looks better than the predecessors. Also worth noting it looks like a carbon copy of the Watchmen trailer (Featuring Smashing Pumpkins) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4blSrZvPhU check the similarities, music, one-by-one character intros, spaceship coming out of the water, and even the wind through the female character’s hair.”
It’s become the stock standard visual language of action/sci-fi movie trailers in the late 2000s, I think. Go back and watch the trailers for Watchmen, Star Trek, Tron Legacy, Thor, Green Lantern and see what I’m talking about. Lots of visual similarities. I’d say that while the trailer for X-Men First Class certainly reminds me of those, the movie’s style certainly seems more super-60s, and that’s something I can get behind. This one’s directed by Matthew Vaughn (Layer Cake; Kick-Ass) and stars James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender and Kevin Bacon, among dozens of others.
So, what do ya think?

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