A Drawing A Day #2

Don’t ever say I don’t stick to my guns.

Actually, today’s a bit of a cheat. I was really working on a drawing of Superman for today, because I felt like we needed a nice big, square-jawed smug smiling Superman to brighten our days. Alas, I didn’t have enough time to finish him, so if you look at the unfinished product, sans arms, he looks like his head’s twisted 180 degrees to smile at you. It’s a little more ‘It The Clown’ than Solar Man-God.

So since Superman wasn’t quite right, I decided to go back a week to my journal.

I’m currently a tutor at The Uj‘s English department, and during our first ever tutor meeting, I decided to scribble a little Batman (don’t tell my boss). It’s a simple enough form to produce. Unfortunately, he came out terribly the first time, so I stopped after his head was “done” and started up on a second Batman and Robin. I didn’t finish them off either, but I think they convey enough as they stand. Obviously the current Robin (who is 10-years-old) isn’t as tall as the Batman he’s standing with (perpetually 24-year-old former Robin, Dick Grayson), but let’s pretend that if I finished it, Batman would’ve been kneeling awkwardly, as if sneaking off the edge of the page.


2 thoughts on “A Drawing A Day #2

    • Only of the fact that there are people out there who lack any artistic talent but still like drawing their characters. I think they might know already.

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