Last Week’s News 12-18 Dec 2010

In a week where two of the Kardashians (Kim and Chewie) arrived in South Africa, you may have missed some of the other cool, horrible and intriguing stuff that went down. This post is purely to catch you up on the world at large, including some news and a couple of videos worthy of meme remixing.

Real News

Kicking things off in the world of “serious” news.

Dec 15 – Sepp Blatter is cool with taking football to the masses, just so long as they don’t have gay sex with each other.

Dec 14 – Creepy paragon of modern democratic freedom Julian Assange made bail.


He also inspired a line of condoms.

Dec 13 – Iran continues to illustrate how, when it comes to human rights, they don’t give a fuck.

Dec 13 – Oh, and doctors may have cured a man’s HIV. The world remains strangely silent about it. I suppose it could all turn out to be another case of optimistic science fiction, but consider, for a second, the world we live in.

Could be Sci-Fi

Dec 14Voyager exits solar system.

Dec 15Facebook prepares to get scarier.

Dec 15 – Speaking of the social network’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg is TIME’s Person of the Year, and looks like an alien.

Dec 15 – Blake Edwards, director of Breakfast At Tiffany’s and the Pink Panther movies (the good ones), dies.


Dec 14Here are your Golden Globe nominees.

Dec 14 – Green Lantern and Black Widow break up.

Dec 15 – Charlie Sheen proves he’s completely unbeatable.

And now for the fun stuff…


If you thought you were afraid of pussy trolls before, wait till you meet the US Navy’s friend Count Spirochete, who warned viewers of the dangers of syphilis all the way back in the 70s.

Some awesome guy crammed together some of 2010’s best movies into one expertly edited clip. Watch it.

For those of you who think that Christian Bale is always angry, he’s not. But he is always creepy.

And now you know how Herr Ratzinger gets his rocks off.

If there’s anything I’ve missed (there’s lots) or you think is worthy of a place here, drop me a line at with the links.


One thought on “Last Week’s News 12-18 Dec 2010

  1. wtf is up with the naked dudes and the pope? is the pope looking to form a gay catholic superhero team?perhaps they should be called “the touchables” and only assist underage boys – come to think of it – it’s starting to make perfect sense!

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