Me again

Here we go again.

It’s a commonly used phrase which, a quick wiki search informs me, has been used as a song title by the likes of John Lennon, Lady Gaga and… Demi Lovato!? And so, treading in the footsteps of giants we go, pushing forward into yet another blog. I think I’ve opened a dozen or so blog accounts at blogger, tumblr and here at wordpress, but none of them has stuck. The last one was wearesitcom, which itself was an offshoot of a blogspot account I used sporadically. And that one came straight from another blog I used to co-write (for all of 5 minutes) with a girl (I should say woman) named Roxanne (there goes that carefully constructed internet anonymity).

Incidentally, the image right at the top up there comes from that first blog, which was called “Calm Down Dearest” (I don’t remember why, but it was 2008, so I was probably trying to be clever). The pic is by my good friend Sean Izaakse, a very talented artist based right here in Jo’burg, South Africa. You can go check out a gallery of his artwork here. The above image is the one that, for me, proved Sean was an amazing talent that could go places if he only believed in himself. Or something. If you’d like to encourage him to pursue his dream of drawing comic books professionally, bug him incessantly at deviantART (the link from above) and, also, go buy some of his art. He does commissions. He’ll draw whatever you want. For a price!

Where was I?

Oh yes, telling the story of the long (and likely boring) path I took to arrive here, at this blog. I think the problem was, the last blog or two have always felt deeply linked with my two least favourite accessories: the past and anonymity. Don’t get me wrong, I love mining the past for useful ideas and acknowledging its contribution to my ever-rolling existence, but it’s still something I hate to hold onto. As for the anonymity (a word I promise to stop repeating a few dozen words from now), as I grew up and sprouted a larger pair of balls, I felt less and less inclined to censor myself or be too careful about what I said about whoever to whomever. The old blogs are filled with veiled references where explicit ones would’ve worked fine. It’s like your high school heartbreak poetry compared with the works of Wordsworth. This brings me to why I started this blog: a sort of experiment in personal development. The writing is, for me, the therapy. I’ll still do reviews and slap together all the random rubbish that I always do that entertains some and makes others turn their noses up, but I’ll also be using this space for a couple more personal accounts. They’ll be comics and movies and opinions, but sometimes I’ll just tell stories about what I’ve been doing.

The hard part is going to be fighting the temptation to change everyone’s names or to back down from revealing just how much barking I do in my head, but I reckon I’ll do okay. I honestly believe that censorship leads down a path of madness in most cases, so it’s time to loosen the restraints on the straitjacket and go running through these digital streets in the buff.

Here we go again.


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